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RESIDENCIA EPECUÉN invites you to apply for its 15th edition, which will take place from April 23 to May 7, 2024, on the shores of Lake Epecuén, intended for artists, researchers, and curators interested in situated practices.

The purpose of this residency is to provide a space for creation and reflection around the ruins of Epecuén, its lagoon, and the city of Carhué. Participants will explore the context through field research and training proposals, promoting exchange, debate, and critical thinking in a group coexistence of fourteen days.

The training program includes workshops and theoretical classes focused on situated practices, support, debates, and production support, and an exhibition of processes open to the community.

We encourage the participation of artists, curators, and researchers from various backgrounds and ages, promoting the exchange and development of processes.

The residency promotes the exploration of individual and/or collective poetics within the Argentine pampas, contributing to enrich the historical, social, cultural, and environmental heritage. We create opportunities for dialogue and exchange between residents and the Carhué community, understanding contemporary art as a means to rethink, question, and work on memory, territory, identity, ruin, landscape, among others.

Participation in the program offers the possibility of follow-up for projects, promotion, exhibition, and commercialization of work, encouraging dialogue between residents and the local and international art scene.

Epecuén Ruins

Epecuén Ruins


The residency is located in Carhué, Adolfo Alsina, Buenos Aires, Argentina, on the shores of Lake Epecuén. «Villa Lago Epecuén» was the founding name of the now-ruined tourist town, whose thermal waters from Lake Epecuén (which have a high salinity level, higher than the Dead Sea) generated a growing interest in the area. In 1985, a flood caused by a rise in the lake’s level and political negligence submerged the city completely, forcing its total evacuation. After twenty years, the water began to recede, revealing the city’s ruins, which have become a focus of interest and tourist attraction themselves. The area has been declared a Historical Heritage site due to the magnitude of the events and for housing the remains of architect Francisco Salamone’s constructions, such as the Matadero and other buildings from the modernist era of Argentina.

Open Call: Until February 1, 2023

Next residency: April 23 to May 7, 2024

(14 days)

We invite artists, curators, researchers, and national and international collectives to apply, who address their work in relation to Art and Territory.

Interested parts must present a project or line of work to develop during the residency that considers the historical, geographical, social, environmental, and/or cultural context.

Residencia Epecuén offers an open program to work with the ephemeral, the specific site, interventions, performance, sound art, photography, video, research projects, sculpture, ceramics, drawing, painting, writing, and other mediums related to contemporary art.

The works and projects proposed for development on-site must preserve historical sites and, in no case, damage or alter the cultural or natural heritage of these sites.

This call is for participation in the Residency that will take place from April 23 to May 7, 2024. We also consider applications for future editions (October 2024).

To apply, you must be over 18 years old, have research and/or artistic production interests that interact with the environment.


Participants are invited to work on their personal projects and follow a specific schedule for fieldwork, guided by the curatorial and production team of Ambos Mundos: Eduardo M. Saubidet, María Villanueva, and María Bressanello.

One curator will be selected for each edition to work in relation to the proposals of the residents, providing their critical and constructive insights and supporting the creative process and exhibition.

The Residencia Epecuén team will provide support and follow-up for each participant in the development of their projects, collaborating in their execution and their connection with the Carhué community.

There will be exchange and reflection sessions between resident artists and the residency coordination team called «STATE OF THE ISSUE» to enrich critical thinking and encourage artistic production. During these sessions, portfolio presentations and debates for the development of the works will take place.

During the residency, various exercises are proposed for residents to interact with the territory.

Guided tours will be conducted to cultural and historical sites of interest, such as the ruins of Epecuén, the White Forest, the Historical Museum, the Model Slaughterhouse by Architect Francisco Salamone, and the Carhué Cemetery. These visits aim to contextualize the work of the artists in the historical, cultural, and natural environment of the region.

An exhibition of processes will be held, open to the entire community and visitors on the shores of the lagoon or at the Adolfo Alsina Cultural Center, with the aim of sharing creative processes and providing a framework for the works created.

Site specific

Rosalind Lowry

Alternative burning

Paula Lucila Benítez

Accommodation will be provided in a house with shared rooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen.

The residency has access to a ceramics workshop in Carhué and the use of a wood-fired kiln.

Video and photography records of the processes carried out during the residency will be made, which will be part of the residency’s archive and used for promotion in future exhibition instances, such as museums, fairs, and exhibitions.

The residency will be published on social networks, the Residencia Epecuén website, and in press releases to showcase the work of the participating artists.

The works carried out in each edition integrate and make up the residence’s archive. This archive is used for presentation, dissemination, and promotion of the project within the framework of exhibition venues such as museums, fairs, and cultural entities.

The residency includes workplace accident insurance for participants.

Travel expenses from the place of residence to Carhué


Materials/Work equipment

Personal work registration

Site specific exercises

Velvet Zoe Ramos


Macarena Aguiló


Until February 1

Applications from those interested in participating in the October 2024 editions will also be considered. If applicable, please mention this in your letter of intent.


The selection of proposals will be made by the curatorial team of AAMM/Ambos Mundos, which will serve as the selection committee. Beneficiaries will be notified via email and their names will be published on the Residencia Epecuén and AAMM websites and social media.


Any situation not covered in these terms and conditions will be resolved by the organizers. Participation in this call implies acceptance of the proposed terms and conditions, acknowledging that slight changes may occur later, as long as they contribute to the success of the project.

AMBOS MUNDOS / AAMM is a platform for contemporary art and cultural management. It is an open, collective, and ongoing project that has been convening, incorporating, and working together with artists and cultural actors since 2012, offering alternatives and generating dialogues in a constantly renewing contemporary art field. Our daily goal is to create opportunities for exchange, support art production, and promote artistic projects at both the local and international levels.

(Until February 1st )
*Applications from interested individuals for the October 2024 editions will be considered. If applicable, please mention it in your letter of intent.



IG: @residenciaepecuen_aamm